I'm Daniel Motta. And you are?

I'm here to learn about you
Hi, I’m a designer passionate about crafting superb experiences that make people’s lives better, easier and (why not?) more fun
I'm a CEO
It's nice to meet you. I’m an experienced professional who weaves together solid design knowledge with business acumen. This approach is guided by a keen understanding of business needs, resulting in designs that drive concrete results.
I'm a Recruiter
Hello! I have 20+ years of experience in the design industry, working in digital products and branding agencies, editorial, and consultancies, from one-person shops to global companies with 5000+ employees. These experiences have made me a versatile professional.  Please take a look at my experience.
I'm a Product Designer
How are you? I’m a friendly colleague happy to spar and look forward to exchanging knowledge with you. I'm a systems thinker who believes that teamwork is the best work.
I'm a Project Manager
Hi! I’m a close partner who understands product creation from concept to development. When we combine our expertise, a big impact is sure to be had.
I'm a Product Owner
What's up? With a thorough understanding of both design principles and business objectives, I am dedicated to collaborating closely with you to ensure that every design decision aligns perfectly with your product strategy.



Complete redesign of the main app for Thailand’s biggest telecom company, serving 45 million users (no pressure there). On top of that, a brand new Design System was also created. 


Saudi Arabia’s very first government-sponsored real estate digital marketplace sped up the waiting time for home purchase loans from 6 months to – I kid you not – 5 minutes


Watch me turn a web experience into an in-person interactive learning experience that delivers tons of value for the Google Marketing team

Sector Alarm

Concept and validation for one of the most prestigious security firms in Europe.


Join me in the fascinating world of KaaS – Kitchenware as a Service. Yes, that's a thing. Being always fascinated with new ideas and concepts, I naturally thrived on this project

Random stuff

Some random delights for you – stuff I've worked on over the years and made me very happy 



Freelance Designer



Design Director



Product Design Lead


Mirum (now VML)

Design Lead



Design Director


About + Contact


My name is Daniel Motta, and I’ve been working as a designer and creative for 20+ years in many agencies with projects ranging from editorial to digital products.


+358 44 933 1814


"It was truly amazing to work under Daniel. I felt trusted, respected, I felt that I had lots of opportunities to shine and do good work, which is probably the most important thing from a manager."
Julien Renau, Senior Creative Technologist
"A great collaborator, solution-oriented while being a leader of creativity."
Maria Holm, Senior Project Manager
"Daniel’s innate professionalism and positivity make him a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm infuses any team with dynamism and motivation. He consistently demonstrates remarkable creativity and approaches tasks with a collaborative and people-centric mindset. It was an absolute privilege to work with him."
Bruno Leo Ribeiro, Senior Art Director 
"He is creative, knowledgeable, experienced, generous, and a great fella to work with (Or to have a pint with. Or two)."
Ricardo Senra, Senior Journalist at the BBC London
"A great team leader and I hope our paths cross again professionally (or, maybe I just need to visit Finland). I try to draw inspiration from our time working together in my day-to-day work with my team; to inspire, respect, and foster growth in all those I have the chance to work with."
Shaun Strack, Associate Creative Director at Huge
"Awesome! We were trying to work around a very difficult client who didn't know what they wanted, and even during very stressful moments, we were still having fun and doing great stuff."
"It’s great to work with Daniel, as he’s an innovative person with great ideas. We established good relationships with clients and delivered top notch designs."
Hisham Benkeltoum, Director, Business Development

Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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