Random Stuff

A bunch of cool things I've done throughout the years. Not a lot of context here, just pure delight

AR Experience for Medellín Music Week


Los Metaleros de Medellín


I spent 18 months visiting several hellholes in Medellín, Colombia, to document the local metal scene. I even got some love from Vice and Huck.

The Advice Project


I built this wooden box and sprayed it on the side: "Give me Advice" – no context or anything.

On top of the box, there was a notepad, a pen, and an opening for people to insert whatever they wrote. I would go out in the streets of São Paulo and place the box in various locations across the city. Then I'd stand nearby and photograph the action.

I did that for a little over a year and eventually published a book with some of my favorite pieces of advice.

Huge World Cup app


App concept and collateral designs for a World Cup betting pool app for the employees of Huge

Bolsonaro Generator

Bolsonaro was the most idiotic president Brazil has ever had. And he talked a lot of nonsensical shit that didn't make any sense. So, naturally, I created a Bolsonaro random quotes generator. To quote the great Michael Scott: "Of all the idiots, in all the idiot villages, of all the idiot worlds, you stand alone, my friend" 

Talking to Strangers

My dear friend Adriana Negreiros and I traveled across Brazil with a camera and a small yellow sign saying, "Hi, come here and talk to strangers." and filmed the whole thing 

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Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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