Complete redesign of the main app for Thailand’s biggest telecom company, serving 45 million users (no pressure there). On top of that, a brand new Design System was also created. 

AIS, holding a commanding 49% of Thailand's telecom market, found itself at a critical juncture when their two main rivals announced a merger, threatening their market leadership. To counter this challenge, AIS embarked on a mission to revamp their app, aiming not only to maintain their dominant position but also to significantly boost the adoption rate of their flagship myAIS app from a meager 22% to an ambitious 80% within a span of 18 months. As the Principal Designer leading the charge, my role was pivotal in orchestrating a multifaceted approach to tackle this objective. Collaborating closely with AIS's business stakeholders, my team and I delved deep into understanding the intricacies of the telecom landscape and user behaviors, translating insights into actionable strategies.


Project kickoff and Future Vision workshop

Setting the strategy

One of the key strategies we devised was to reimagine the user experience by introducing innovative features and enhancing existing functionalities. For instance, we proposed placing the scan feature prominently at the bottom navigation to streamline the process of claiming retail discounts, thereby incentivizing users to engage with the app more frequently. This bold move was met with enthusiasm from both business teams and users during testing, validating its potential to drive increased app usage.


Before testing the concepts with real users, we shared all our assumptions and design rationale with the client

Widgets! Widgets everywhere!

Moreover, we explored the integration of widgets to offer users quick access to vital information strategically designed to cultivate a stronger bond between users and the app. Designing widgets was a big part of the user retention strategy: they were created to give users valuable information at a glance.


Widgetization was a big part of this project

A Design System to call your own

In tandem with these user-centric initiatives, we developed a comprehensive Design System, ensuring consistency in design elements across all facets of the app and setting a benchmark for excellence in visual identity and usability. We covered a lot of ground, from design principles to how-to-use the design system guidelines. The goal was to make the Design System very easy to use by any designer in any business team and, ultimately, integrate the design artifacts with the code base in coordination with the development team. At this point in the project, I ensured that we were moving forward according to schedule, so I let the amazingly talented design team take over the lead on the Design System.

My takeaway

As the Principal Designer leading this initiative, it was a professional and personal journey of growth and cultural immersion. AIS fortified its market leadership and set a bold precedent for industry excellence. Through on-the-ground collaboration and strategic design interventions, my team and I successfully navigated the intricate terrain of user preferences and business objectives, paving the way for a revamped app experience that resonates with users and drives heightened engagement.


Nothing speaks success louder than a good night out with the team on the last day of the project!

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