Freelance Designer


I've been working on design for a couple of AI-related projects and I'm open to collaborations. Hit me up if you think I could be a good fit for your project

Design Director


Helsinki, Finland

Oivan is a software development company that excels in delivering sophisticated solutions to prominent clients, including the City of Helsinki, AIS (Thailand’s leading telecommunications provider), and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Housing. I joined the team to build our design crew from scratch and steer our product design from the drawing board to the real world. We’ve grown to a team of 12 designers, each with their own set of talents, from digging into user research to crafting world-class visuals. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity to mix in a dose of design culture into a tech-driven company.

Product Design Lead


Helsinki, Finland

At this boutique consultancy, I played a key role in creating concepts and designs for various clients like Reima, Fiskars, and Sector Alarm. For Sector Alarm, I led a complete overhaul of their app to improve user experience and interface. Another significant project was with Fiskars Group, where I headed the design for their "Tableware as a Service" program. This project combined business strategy, user interviews, and hands-on design work. As a Lead Designer, I worked with diverse clients, from local Finnish businesses to global brands, gaining insight into different industry needs with a friendly, accessible approach.

Mirum (now VML)

Design Lead


Helsinki, Finland

Amidst a pivotal moment in Mirum's trajectory, the company sought to move from its roots in marketing and advertising towards a more digitally-centric approach. Recognizing the need to adapt to the evolving landscape, Mirum envisioned a unique fusion of marketing strategy and product design to better cater to the demands of the digital world. It was against this backdrop of transformation that I was brought on board to lead the charge. With a hands-on philosophy of leadership firmly ingrained in my approach, I embraced the challenge head-on, setting a precedent for the team through my own actions. Overseeing a talented team of nine visual designers, I not only led by example but also fostered a culture of excellence and innovation. Our efforts culminated in the delivery of world-class designs for prestigious clients such as Finnair, Nokia, and Hilti.  Moreover, I took the initiative to establish thought leadership within the team, crafting a comprehensive mentorship program and delineating clear career paths for all designers

Design Director


Medellín, Colombia

I worked as the Design Director for the Medellín office in Colombia. I was in charge of a team of 20 creatives. We shipped digital products for brands like Amazon, Google, FCA, and others. It was my responsibility to manage the whole team and make sure everything was delivered on time while meeting all quality demands. I used to do that through daily stand-ups, one-on-one meetings to support each designer, and postmortem meetings. My role was to find the right fit in my team for each and every project so both the U.S. and Colombia offices could work smoothly. I’d assemble the teams and work closely with them. Because of that, I could go abroad about 4 or 5 times a year to kick off major projects and network.

Estúdio ABC

Creative Director


São Paulo, Brazil

As the Creative Director at Estudio ABC, I was in charge of a team of 10 people including art directors and designers. We are the branded content studio of Editora Abril, Latin America’s biggest publishing company. We developed content as diverse as video, apps, native ads and even corporate books. Client list included names such as Volvo, Colgate, Shell, Samsung, HSBC among others.




São Paulo, Brazil

I co-founded and owned this brand and product design studio. As a creative director, I was responsible for creating digital and brand solutions for out clients. I’d assemble a network of collaborators best suited for each job and coordinate all the efforts. Some of our clientes were: Cacau Show, Pernod Ricard and Editora Abril

Multiple companies



São Paulo, Brazil

I worked on many different companies in the editorial and branding industries

Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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