Join me in the fascinating world of KaaS – Kitchenware as a Service. Yes, that's a thing. Being always fascinated with new ideas and concepts, I naturally thrived on this project

We’re all very familiar with the Anything-as-a-Service (Xaas) but usually, this applies for digital services like software, music, or TV. Can you imagine that applied to something physical like tableware, kitchenware, and silverware? That’s precisely what happened here.

Because Fiskars Group builds products that are built to last, it made sense to create a way to incentivize a circular economy. Instead of owning, you could pay to use top-quality products for a certain period of time and then get new ones. In Q2 2023, approximately 8% of their net sales were generated from circular products and services.


My role

I joined this project on its second iteration: at this stage, the concept was already being used by clients, but until now, they could only subscribe to tableware. The demand for silverware and kitchenware became evident upon interviewing users.

Based on user interviews, we worked together with the business team on the client side to create the new product combos and integrate them with the original ones that were going to be still available for subscription. 

I look fondly at this project, one of the first I worked on upon arriving in Finland. Looking back now, I’d take a different approach to the design. While I. think the service is still spot on, the visual design could use a little refining to create more delight for the users.


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Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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