Teaming up with Google, my team at Huge embarked on a mission to sprinkle some Machine Learning (ML) stardust at the Google Marketing Live event. Our goal? To jazz up marketers' minds with the wonders of ML, all through an interactive touchscreen experience


We set out to demystify the integration of machine learning into marketing strategies by providing attendees with a hands-on and enjoyable experience, building upon the success of our previous institutional portal endeavor. Transitioning from the digital realm to a live event setting, we aimed to create a memorable and immersive encounter that went beyond merely translating web content. We meticulously conceptualized and implemented an engaging showcase, drawing inspiration from Google's innovative culture, seamlessly integrating it onto a 55” touchscreen display. This strategic approach ensured our presence commanded attention at the conference, generating excitement and fostering deeper engagement with machine learning concepts. 


Gamification was center stage in the project

The solution

Our approach prioritized meticulous testing and adjustments to optimize every aspect of the experience, from the vibrancy of the user interface to the display height, aiming to maximize enjoyment and audience interaction. Leveraging Google's expertise, we seamlessly integrated compelling educational content, transforming learning into an entertaining journey that enriched attendees' knowledge of machine learning's applications in marketing. Key features such as bite-sized knowledge nuggets and hands-on exploration of ML concepts were designed to make learning enjoyable, sparking enthusiasm and curiosity among participants.


During the test phase we had some important learnings: the button placement was too low for the screen setup. Also, the illustrations had a shade of blue that was way too similar to the UI color.


The results were nothing short of extraordinary, with our interactive showcase stealing the spotlight and leaving attendees buzzing with excitement. Feedback surpassed expectations, with attendees eager to incorporate ML magic into their own marketing strategies. The immersive experience sparked lively conversations and laid the foundation for future collaborations, underscoring the impact of our efforts in demystifying machine learning for marketers and igniting enthusiasm for its potential applications. 


At the event, Google's booth was shining bright and the experience we created was the main feature

My takeaway

It was one of those crazy fun projects to work on. What I liked the most was the challenge of getting out of our web-based interactions and thinking about other ways of interacting with content. Even though there were constraints, the client was very open and eager to take our input and roll with it. It showed me that thinking outside of your usual constraints can pay off in a big way.


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Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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