Sector Alarm

A timeline based concept and validation for one of the most prestigious security firms in Europe


The problem

Sector Alarm users had no idea what their app could do for them. Desk research showed that essentially, the only feature they used was the arm and disarm the system.
That's partially because the arm and disarm button was very prominently designed,  but also because some critical features were hidden away inside a very complicated information architecture.

For example, users could have live access to their security cameras or even some other features like room temperature. The latter struck me as a very interesting feature: why would people care about the temperature of a room if this is primarily an alarm app? That could indicate a window that was left open or, worse, forced into.


The initial concepts for the app revolved around a timeline complete with widgets to let users know about all the different features the service provides, and they were not aware of

My approach

With this revelation in mind, our team embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the smart home market landscape. Our objective was clear: to harmonize Sector Alarm's robust security protocols with the practicality and sophistication characteristic of smart home technology.

We meticulously evaluated various smart home products, seeking to identify synergies that would elevate Sector Alarm's app to new heights of utility and efficiency. This endeavor was characterized by thorough research and methodical testing, guided by our commitment to enhancing user experience and operational efficacy.

I worked only on the concept and validation phases of this project and left it shortly after, but the project went on to become a big success, and it even snatched a Red Dot Award in 2022


My takeaway

Even though my stint as Design Lead in this project was short, I have to say it was one of great learning – not only from a design perspective, which was indeed fascinating but more importantly on the human side of things, which I think are often overlooked when it comes to showcasing value for your work.

Right from the start, there was significant pressure from the client's side. The project was spearheaded by a newcomer tackling their first major project for Sector Alarm.

The consultancy I worked for aimed to secure a more significant chunk of this project in future stages. That added another layer of complexity. Navigating this delicate environment hinged on my technical skills and self-reliance.

While some days were more challenging than others, this project underscored the notion that valuable lessons can emerge from even the most trying circumstances.

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Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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