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My name is Daniel Motta. I’ve been working as a designer and creative for 20+ years in many agencies on projects ranging from editorial to digital products.

I grew up in a very creative household in São Paulo, Brazil. My mom is a talented illustrator, so Letraset decals, watercolors, fancy papers, tons of magazines, and a decent dose of good music surrounded me and my brother. In 2017, I moved to the vibrant city of Medellín and spent the next three years living there.

I now live in Helsinki, Finland, which is far away from South America,  but I’m thrilled to call this place home. 

Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I always give the same answer. I say I'm a designer. It doesn't matter that my latest job title was Design Director – I think it's all about being a designer first. It starts with the craft, and then everything follows.

A big chunk of my work involves managing and building successful design teams. I am very comfortable working alongside designers and creatives to mentor and help them grow professionally through one-on-one meetings and career management.

My diverse experiences spanning various industries and company sizes have honed my curiosity and passion for merging exceptional craftsmanship with astute business acumen.

When I’m not designing, I like to go around and take some pictures and write the occasional article.

I'd love to jump on a call with you and discuss your design needs and ideas. Take a look at my availability and book some time for us to meet.


Made in Helsinki, Finland, by Daniel Motta in 2024

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